~ In the Bath ~

"Alternatives" by Brandon Ray and shannono
Rating: NC-17
Three of the five stories in this series contain bathing. It's filled with most excellent UST, and eventually, RST, too!

"Channeling Laura" by Mish
Rating: PG
(Spoilers for "Arcadia")
Oh, this one is cuter than cute. A fun little piece set in the bathroom of the "Petrie's" house.

"Conversation Hearts IV: Taking Care of My Partner" by Lara Means
Rating: NC-17
(General Spoilers through the first part of Season 7; takes place prior to "Orison.")
This entry in Lara's "Conversations Hearts" series finds Mulder pampering a very lucky Scully.

"Defining Exactly" by Beduini
Rating: NC-17
Some delightfully dirty talk, a bath, and Mulder's secret recipe for pasta sauce. Yum.

"Fire From Ice" by Anne Hedonia
Rating: NC-17 (DSR)
Doggett and Scully snowed in at a mountain cabin, with some delirious and feverish kisses ... oh, and there's a bathtub for two. Smutty DSR fun.

"Into Each Other Sinking I: Liquid" by Lydia Bower
Rating: NC-17
Set in Lydia's fabulous "Dance Without Sleeping" universe. Scully takes a bath and gets some help--along with a story--from Mulder.

"Mistress Dana" by Merri-Todd Webster
Rating: NC-17
Scully has a wicked fantasy while soaking in the bath.

"Rub a Dub Dub" by Anne Haynes
Rating: R+
Scully gives Mulder a bath. This lovely sexy fic stands alone, but it's part of the "Lovers" series set in Anne Haynes' "12 Degrees of Separation" universe, so you might want to read the whole thing for the full effect.

"Silent Touches" by Scullysfan
Rating: PG
A shared bubble bath after a hard day ... this no-dialogue fic is written in a lush, descriptive style. The WetFic Archivist is the type of person who skips to the talking most of the time, but this story doesn't need dialogue to paint a loving picture.

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