~ Showers ~

"Hot Shower" by Susanne Barringer
Rating: R
This was written before "One Son" aired, based on the spoiler that Mulder and Scully would be taking a decon shower together, and it's not exactly the way it went on the show; it's much more romantic here. The sequels, "Attractive" by Alanna and "Monday" by Susanne, can be found at Susanne's fanfic page.

"In the Ruins" by Lydia Bower
Rating: NC-17
(Spoilers through "The End")
This has to be one of the best showerfics ever written in XF-land. One of the best fics, period. It's just ... ooooohhh. Go read it.

"Scully's Greatest Hits" by Aurora Vere
Rating: R
Have you ever wondered what Scully does in the shower? If only it was really as hilarious as this fic...!

"Senses of a Miracle" by ViXen
Rating: R+
(Spoilers for Per Manum's flashback scene, but set pre-Season 8)
All the senses are well-represented in this fic, and there's a bath *and* a shower. (Oh, and... a tongue bath...)

"Shower" by Pebbles
Rating: PG-13
(Spoilers for "One Son")
A romantic take on what Scully might have been thinking in that decon shower. "They are making us shower together...."

Get Back in the Bath at WetFic!

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