~ By the Sea ~

In the mood for some splashy fun?
Put on your water wings and hit the beach!

"Atoll" by Terma99
Rating: R
This vacation fic makes you want to chuck it all and go find yourself a deserted island -- and a Mulder or Scully to share the fun. It's inspired by the final installment in the fabulous "Scent of a Woman" series, which has Mulder/Scully UST and RST to die for.

"Beach Blanket Bingo" by ScullyFu
Rating: NC-17 (ScullySlash)
An adorable start to ScullyFu's "Beach Blanket Bingo" series. Scully gets overheated while at the beach.

"Mileage" by Scullysfan
Rating: NC-17
(Spoilers for Nisei, Never Again, Post-Modern Prometheus, tiny ones for Dreamland)
Mulder takes Scully on vacation during a very stressful time. In addition to the ocean, there's Pig, Kentucky.

The Thing With Feathers by Diana Battis
Rating: NC-17
(Spoilers through "X-Cops")
This lovely story fits into at least three WetFic categories, including baths and swimming, but it's in "by the sea" for thematic reasons. Emily Dickinson, adjoining hotel rooms, smut, love. What more could you ask?

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