~ Getting Wet ~

"Carpe Felis Mortuus" by Heathers and Nickers
Rating: NC-17
Smutty MSR involving a frustrated Scully, a teasing Mulder, a beach, a rental car, and this line from Scully: "We're going to wash this car like you've never washed one before in your life."

"Miraculous Manifestation" by Mountainphile
Rating: NC-17
(Spoilers for "En Ami" and "all things")
Is romance something you can wade into, or do you need to jump head first? Scully and Mulder investigate the miracles of a natural hot spring, and find out.

"Ocean" by Merri-Todd Webster
Rating: NC-17
Sexy. This story is incredibly sexy. And smutty. And that's a good thing.

"Rain" by Dreamshaper
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers through "Agua Mala."
Scully has a bit of a talk with herself in the rain.

"Summer Rain" by Snark
Rating: PG
(No spoilers, but set in late 6th season)
A frustrated Mulder gets caught in a downpour, and ... well, read it. It's delightful.

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